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Story Notes:
Title kindly donated by Andrew - who was using it as an MSN nic and therefore inspired this, so really, you can blame it all on him. This is all whimsical, and strange, and well if you don't quite get it, don't worry, cause I'm not sure anyone is really supposed to get it.
Blair sleepily rubbed at his eyes, noting with only a slight amount of shock that it was almost three am, and Jim wasn't home.

He idly supposed that the man had simply decided to stay over with 'Lauren'.

Blair hadn't seen Jim since that morning... Jim had gone to work, telling Blair, that since he was in court today, there was no point in Blair coming with him. Normally Blair would have gone anyway, but something about how Jim had said it, and had him nodding in agreement without much thought.

Blair, left with nothing to do for a day, had decided to go shopping. Or rather... treasure hunting.

There was an old antiques place a few blocks away, that had a lot of very old, but very cool stuff, including, stacks and stacks of books, some new, some old, some older... It had been a long time since Blair had indulged himself, being so busy between the University, and the precinct with Jim, so he decided that was where he would spend his day.

He had predictably come home with several books, and a very light wallet... he'd most likely find himself skipping lunch over the next week or so, simply because he wouldn't be able to afford it after his splurge.

A message on the answer machine told Blair, that his room mate wouldn't be home for dinner, he had a date with 'Lauren' and not to wait up, so with a sigh, Blair had made himself something to eat, and settled into explore his new purchases.

Now several hours later, and half asleep, Blair dragged himself away from the fascinating book he'd been reading on the myths and legends of fairies in Ireland and towards his bedroom, for some much needed sleep.


Green surrounded Blair everywhere and his immediate thought, was that he was in one of the many jungle dreams he'd had since he'd met Jim, but it didn't take more than a few seconds for him to realise it wasn't, a jungle, but a forest.

"Hello?" Blair called out.

"Sing a song, sing a song..." a light airy voice whispered in a singsong tone from somewhere near-by. Blair couldn't see where.

"You really don't want to hear me sing." Blair replied, strangely, bemused, and amused at the same time.

"Your heart sings... it sings for him." The voice singsonged again.

Blair was completely baffled.

"Excuse me?" he asked.

"Him... The Sentinel... don't you know, we know everything." Another, similar voice spoke to him.

"Heart singing... what? Who are you?" Blair asked.

"Fairies of course... who else would we be... this is a forest after all, you won't find that wolf of yours here." The first voice replied, almost aggravated by Blair's obtuseness.

"Riiight... fairies... I'll just be waking up now if you don't mind." Blair said, turning away from the singsong voices, and walking in the opposite direction.

"Humans are so testy... really won't you ever learn... you would think, given your work with the Sentinel, you'd be more inclined to believe in so-called myths." One of the voices spoke again.

"Myths maybe... fairies... not likely." Blair muttered, cursing as a serrated tree branch he was passing jagged his arm.

"Male humans are also such babies." The other voice sounded at Blair's yelp of pain.

Blair jumped back a good two paces as suddenly a small... girl? Appeared before him in mid air, wings flapping at her back.

"You are here for a reason. Yoy haven't been doing a very good job of things lately, so here is how we are going to play it. I am going to give you a little pixie dust... and before you say it, I know I am a fairy, but I'm not giving you fairy dust... because quite frankly I don't trust you with it, the pixie dust will do fine." The little 'fairy' insisted, dropping a pouch into Blair's fingers.

"Sprinkle some on your friend... ask him anything you wish... he will only be able to tell you the truth... but afterwards, he won't remember any of it... what you do when you have the truth... well now, that is all up to you. Now go on, get lost... your beginning to give me a headache."


Blair woke shocked, hearing the front door.

"Weird dream," he thought, moving to get up, noticing with an ever-greater shock a small brown suede pouch slipping from his fingers.

"Chief?" Jim asked, standing in the open doorway.

"Wha... Jim... I thought you were with... em... Lauren." Blair said, trying to avert his friend's gaze away from the pouch before he noticed it, but he already had.

"Yeah well, that didn't go just so well as I'd hoped... hey what's this?" Jim asked, lifting the bag, the partly open pouch spilling a sprinkling of the dust over his fingers.

"No idea man." Blair said, grabbing the bag, and stuffing it quickly into his bedside cabinet.

"So what happened with Lauren?" Blair asked, fully expecting Jim to shrug him off, and go to bed.

"We were getting on great... went back to hers for coffee... got... close... but I sorta said your name at a really bad moment, and she booted me out the door faster than lightening strikes... been driving around ever since." Jim openly admitted.

Blair was dumbstruck... this wasn't happening, he was still dreaming, Fairies weren't real and pixie dust and Jim and truth, this had to be a dream.

On the other hand, if it was a dream, there was a very real chance; he could at least get a good fantasy out if it, so he might as well take advantage.

"Why did you say my name Jim?" Blair asked.

"Because I was imagining it was you, not her I was kissing, I wanted it to be you," Jim told him, like it was the most normal think in the world.

"Well I'm here now Jim... it could be me." Blair told him, stepping into his friend's personal space.

"Yeah..." Jim said.

It was only then Blair noticed the almost glassy quality of Jim's eyes.

'but afterwards, he won't remember any of it'

The words floated into Blair's mind. He kept telling himself this wasn't real, it was a dream, it had to be a dream, but still, when Jim leaned in to kiss him, he stepped back.

"Jim do you love me?" he asked, hoarsely.

"Yeah Chief, I do." Jim admitted.

"Then go up stairs, get into bed, and go to sleep... and in the morning... we'll talk." Blair told him, watching as Jim followed his instructions without question.


The next morning, Blair woke up, unsure, remembering Jim, and the fairies and not at all sure if he was going crazy or what.

Peeking carefully into his bedside cabinet, he looked for the pouch, but there wasn't one, or any sign one had ever been there.

He heard Jim rustling in the main room, and dragged himself up to go and see what he was up too.

"Morning Chief," Jim greeted, words Blair knew well, but these held a fake 'happy' tone that Blair wasn't so use to, because Jim rarely pretended to be happy, when he wasn't.

"Morning. What's up?" Blair asked, cutting right to the chase.

"Can't get anything past you huh Darwin... nothing is up, just a bad date it all." Jim told him.

"Yeah bad enough that you stayed out with her till 3am," Blair retorted, trying to get a rise out of his partner.

"Yeah well I erm... drove around a while before I came home after..."

"After?" Blair counteracted... not a clue what he was doing, or trying to do, but desperate to see if what had happened last night was just him going crazy or not.

"After... lets just say I said the wrong name, at the wrong time," Jim told him, shame faced by his admission.

"My name," Blair whispered. It was only for his own ears but he should have known his sentinel would pick it up.

"How did you..." Jim was about to ask but he didn't quite get the question finished.

"Faith, trust and pixie dust," Blair whispered again, mostly to himself.

"Chief?" Jim asked, confused.

"My mom... she use to say, when I was a kid... All it takes is Faith, Trust, and Pixie dust," Blair replied without thought.

Jim was still confused.

"I... it's complicated... Jim do you trust me?" Blair asked.

"Of course chief but how did you know...?"

Blair cut Jim off again. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," Jim replied simply, something inside him telling him this might be one of the most important things he ever said.

"Are you in love with me?" Blair asked. Repeating his question from the night before... he still wasn't sure it wasn't all some crazy dream... he had to know if Jim loved him for real.

"I... of course I love you Chief, you’re my best friend I..." Jim paused, Blair waited patiently. "Yes Blair, I'm in love you," Jim finally said.

Blair took a breath... this was it... Jim said he loved him. Leap of faith time.

"Jim come here," Blair ordered breathing out the words gently.

Jim obeyed.

"Kiss me," Blair again ordered.

Jim again obeyed.

Leaning in, and tenderly brushing his lips against Blair's.

"Oh Jim...I love you too." Blair murmured softly as the tender lips moved away, and two strong arms embraced him, his own arms moving around his partner's waist and holding him in an equally tight embrace.

"I'm still confused you know, how did you know I said your name?" Jim asked, his face lowering equal with Blair's, rubbing two-stubble covered cheeks together.

"Me too... I don't really understand I just... knew... lets just put it down to pixie dust," Blair replied, groaning softly as Jim nibbled at his jaw with his teeth, scraping at the stubble.

"Pixie dust Chief?" Jim asked, a gentle teasing tone in his voice.

"Faith, trust and pixie dust," Blair reminded him softly.

"Okay Chief... Pixie dust it is... I'll have to send them pixies a thank-you present," Jim said, chuckling deep in his chest.

Blair just smiled. A pixie, Fairies... sparkly dust... whatever had brought him and Jim to this moment, as whimsical as it all was, was just fine by Blair.

Neither man noticed the fluttering wings of the little tiny girl sitting on the loft banister above them.

"Humans!" she announced to herself, and with a self-satisfied smile she fluttered out the open loft window in search of her next mission... Colorado Springs... there was a certain Colonel and Archaeologist there, that really needed help!

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