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If anyone asked me what my favourite time of year is, I'm not sure I could tell them. When I was a kid... before mom left... well then it was Christmas... then later, after... it was Spring Break, when Sally would take Steven and me out everyday somewhere different... later still, when I joined the army, well then I didn't have a favourite time of year... when I was with Carolyn... she loved New Years... so I did too, just to please her... now... now I'm not sure.

Christmas is amazing... a mix of Christmas cheer and Jewish Hanukah, presents given and received, parties, days off! I like that last part the best.

New Years is an experience all on it's own... Blair is like a whirlwind; I've never seen him clean so much. He cleans everything... says it's because his mom always told him that if you have a clean house etc. on New Years Eve, it will stay that way the whole new year through... It does stay that way, but only because I clean up after him every five minutes.

Then there is Valentines Day... I have always hated this day... it was so... consumer driven, nothing at all to do with lovers really, at least not in the past... now... well now I realise that the reason it never spoke of lovers to me, was because I honestly never had a lover before... of sure there was Caro... she was my wife and I loved her, but it just wasn't right... it's different now, I have a lover... a wonderful, kind, gentle, amazing lover... who I know I'll be with forever.

Then we have, Easter, and Labour Day, St Patrick's day, and a handful of other's.

Oh and of course, Independence Day... I think, maybe that might be close to my favourite day... the day I first took my lover in my arms in public, before our friends, and family.

No... No, none of these holidays are right... none of them are my favourite.

September 3rd... That I think is my favourite time of year.

And no, there is not holiday, and no birthdays, no nothing really, at least not for the rest of the world... for me... for me it's special.

See, 5 years ago, September 3rd meant nothing to me, I woke up, Blair made eggs for breakfast, and we went to work... he'd only been my official partner a few months by then, and everything was going great.

It was just before lunch when we got the call, Rainer University, a rash of robberies, and attacks on teachers, the latest target had been Jack Kelso, Blair was really upset by it, but more than anything, I think what got him the most was how everyone reacted to him. Some of them were super nice, asking how he was etc... others... well avoidance doesn't begin to cover it he had to call the same teacher a half a dozen times to get his statement.

We got the case wrapped before the day was out, it had been a student who couldn't afford his tuition fees, it was just after nine when we got back to the loft... that's when it happened.

We were talking, about what we were going to do for dinner, about the case, Jack... and it went onto suddenly talking about the diss and before I ever knew it Blair was standing before me, tears in his eyes, in the next second I was kissing him, and more than that, he was kissing me.

We never did really talk about it... it was just... right.

In fact no one mad a big deal of it... it was like nothing had changed, and maybe it hadn't, not really... I was still me, Blair was still Blair... and really, except for the fact that now when we come home, after a long hard day, and crawl into bed, we crawl into the same one, sometimes we make love, sometimes we just wrap around each other.

We still go on 'dates' just now with each other (although I think maybe we always did that, we just didn't know we were doing it).

So there is my answer I guess... September 3rd, my favourite time of year...

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