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Love is when he wakes me with a cup of coffee, and a smile.

Love is when he lets me wake up first... and pretends to keep sleeping, so I can wake him with coffee instead.

Love is when he holds me while I cry.

Love is when he lets me hold him, while he cries.

Love is when he watches the Documentary Channel, rather than the Basketball Game he thinks I don't know is playing on the sports network.

Love is when he watches the basketball, but turns over at every break so I can still watch a few minutes of the documentary.

Love is when he drives me to work, because, surprise; surprise; my car has broken down again.

Love is when I pick him up, because for once, it's his car that’s broken down.

Love is when he murmurs in my ear, as he fills me up.

Love is when he calls my name, as I fill him.

Love is the grand gestures; it is the smallest smile when I need it. It is hard, and easy, and it allows you to be yourself, while changing you completely.

Love is life.

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