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You know they really were the most unlikely pair, the 'tough, hard-ass, middle aged detective', and the 'peaceable, intelligent, fiery young anthropologist', somehow though, they couldn't have been more right for each other.

My name is Kelly-Anne Sandburg-Ellison. The Unlikely pair I was talking about are my parents, James (Most everyone calls him Jim) Joseph Ellison, and Blair Sandburg, my two dads. Well I suppose technically, if you are a technical person at all, Jim Ellison is my biological father, but both of them are my dad's.

Growing up with two dads, never seemed strange too me, after all, even though people said it was unusual, some even said it wasn't 'right', whatever that means, I had two parents who loved me, and each other, rarely fought, were always there for me and each other, and who even after 30 years couldn't be any happier together... I don't think they will ever get past what most folks call 'the honeymoon stage'.

I remember when I was little, and still sometimes now I'm not, I'd beg Daddy (Blair) to tell me about how him and Dad (Jim) met and how they fell in love, and I think now, that I'm older, and have found someone of my own to love, I can better understand it.

Daddy laughs when he tells me of their first meeting in a hospital, where Dad was being looked at because of his wacky scenes, he didn't know then what the word Sentinel meant, and Dad laughs back and reminds him that he even used the wrong name for the name tag he'd stolen.

The of course, he gets reminded how the first time they were 'properly' introduced, he threw Daddy against the wall. Funnily Daddy shuts up once Dad ever so casually drops hints as to the fact that now Daddy quite likes it when Dad throws him up against walls... I try not to think about just why Daddy turns that interesting shade of red.

They joke and laugh through the first years they spent together as just friends, even though I know that there were hard times as well, they seem to prefer to remember the good and I am more than happy to hear over and over how Daddy repeatedly got himself into seven kinds of trouble before breakfast most mornings, and that was just in getting himself from the bedroom, to the kitchen counter.

Dad always settles, and goes quite around that part of the story, and Daddy takes over, telling me about the very first kiss, as Dad listens, and I know that even if I hadn't inherited in Sentinel abilities, I'd still be able to see the tears of happiness shimmering in his eyes.


Blair had been meditating in silence for the past few hours, the loft empty of his friend's presence.

He'd barely remembered that it was Valentines Day until he pulled the receipt for the roses he'd ordered out of his wallet when buying some groceries that morning.

The idea was simple... the roses would be delivered, one at a time by a delivery girl, who hadn't ever seen him to Jim's desk, with a tiny note attached to each... everything from the simple and almost childish "Be My Valentine" to the more serious "I love you with everything that I am".

If Jim was as cleaver as Blair thought he was, he'd figure it out... then it was up to Jim... he could pretend he didn't know, and Blair would know that his friend had no more feelings for him than those of a friend, or if he at all reciprocated, he could act on his feelings, and when he came home that evening sweep Blair off his feet and into his arms for what Blair was sure would be an immensely passionate kiss.

Of course, there was also the possibility Jim would come home, knock him for six shades of black and blue, and kick his ass out on the street, but Blair refused to think about that one too much.

It was almost 6pm; Jim had said he'd be home by then... Blair could feel the nervous anticipation deep in his gut.

Finally he heard footsteps outside the door, but instead of the normal sound of Jim's key in the lock, he heard a light knocking.

"Mr Blair Sandburg... this is for you, the limo is waiting downstairs." A man in a neat chuffers uniform greeted him.

"Erm... Limo?" Blair asked uncertain.

"Yes Sir... are you ready to go?" the man asked.

Blair looked at the rose the driver had passed him, and the note attached.

"Meet Me. Jim"

Three words, well two and his name, but it was enough, and a limo, well Jim wouldn't pay for a limo if he didn't want Blair too right?

The limo drive was quite, the driver rarely speaking except when Blair asked where they were going, and that was only to tell him, he couldn't tell him.

They were in a woodland area anyway, that Blair knew, he was idly trying to think of places he might be being taken too, but was at a loss, as far as he knew the only property Jim owned was the loft, and he didn't think any of the other major crimes guys had places out here, but he wasn't sure.

"Sir... we're here." The man finally announced, moving to open the door for him, revealing a beautiful cabin, surrounded by newly budding flowers, and trees, and with a swing chair on the porch.

"Have a good evening Sir," the driver offered, getting back in the car and driving off, Blair might have been worried, but Jim's truck was parked by the side of the cabin, so he had no need to be.

"Jim?" he asked carefully stepping inside the dim lighted cabin.

Strong arms appeared behind him, grabbing him firmly around the waist as he was pulled back against a firm chest.

"I love you too Blair... with everything that I am." The soft voice of his friend murmured lightly in his ear as he was slowly turned around, and a soft gentle kiss was placed on his lips, slowly growing until the two were breathless, hearts beating wildly as they clung to the other.

They always stop somewhere around there, which I suppose I can be glad for, it was bad enough over the years that I heard them going at it upstairs, I really don't need details.

Now though, I smile as my two dads kiss me on my cheeks, and hand me over to marry the love of my life, my only hope is that we will be half as happy as they are, and that when we have been married as long as they, that our children will be able to know what I know.

My parents love each other, more and more every day of their lives, and that it is visible in every action they take.

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