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Jack grimaced when he saw Danny the morning after Max was killed. He knew he'd been irritable the night before when he'd said he was going home... alone... he hadn't intended it and when he'd thought about it later, he'd regretted it, but he'd been so desperate to just be alone and wallow in the guilty feelings that had been overwhelming him since they found Max. He'd failed him, but while wallowing in his own self pity, he'd failed Danny too.

"He spent last night alone," Martin's voice behind him made him jump. Jack turned around to look at him, quizzically. "I hurt my leg... I was..."

"You hurt your leg? Why didn't you tell me?" Jack asked, annoyed.

"Jack... I'm fine... besides I didn't see you coming to me with you're guilt over Max... we were both hurting... and we took it out on him," Martin looked over at Danny. Jack winced. Danny looked like he hadn't slept, tired and gloomy.

"We... really don't deserve him sometimes," Jack said.

Martin smiled softly, but it was more melancholy than happy. A strange sort of agreement, without actually speaking. "But we need him. He's our glue."

Jack nodded. Martin was right, without Danny they'd have driven each other crazy very quickly... even assuming they'd gotten near each other, Jack was sure without Danny's encouragement they'd never have made it this far. "We'll make it up to him."


Danny wasn't sure how he'd managed to get through the day. He was exhausted and he just wanted the day to end, but Jack had insisted he fill in a back log of paperwork that he knew no one else had done. Everyone, Jack included had gone home more than an hour ago. Danny was careful to keep it hidden, but he was seriously pissed of at being kept back like a school kid getting detention.

When he finally pulled his car into the parking space of his apartment building, he just let his head fall forward on his arms onto the steering wheel. He was so tired, moving seemed like just too much trouble.

"Danny?" Martin's whispered voice roused him. "Come on, Jack's inside."

Danny squinted and frowned confused, but let Martin help him out of the car and into the building. He wanted to ask why they were there, but he was too tired to care. He hadn't slept at all the night before, but if felt more like he hadn't slept in a week.


"Found him sleeping in his car," Martin told Jack when he pulled Danny with him into the apartment.

"Danny?" Jack questioned softly, his hand reaching out to touch Danny's shoulder. Danny shrugged them both off and flopped down on the couch.

Martin gave Jack a disappointed look. He'd known Danny would be mad, but he'd hoped that he wouldn't fight their attempts to make nice. "We're..."

Danny made a vaguely dissuading motion before they could really speak. "Don't care; too tired to care, I'll bitch at you tomorrow."

Martin bit his lip. Looking to Jack unsure.


Jack shrugged and sat down beside Danny, letting the younger man plaster himself against him, wrapping his arms around him, almost petting his hair, running his hands through it.

"We really are sorry..." Martin murmured, snuggling against Danny's back.

"I know," Danny said, his voice muffled against Jack's neck.

"We love you," Jack added.

"I know," Danny repeated. "I love you too, just... don't do it again."

Jack smiled, kissing his forehead lightly. "We'll try," he promised.

"Really hard," Martin added, but Danny was already snoring softly.

"My back will hate me for this in the morning," Jack murmured quietly, but neither of them made any attempt to move, or disentangle themselves from Danny.

They'd talk properly in the morning and the food they'd bought on their way over would keep until the following evening, now it was just more important to be close, to make up for the distance they'd unintentionally put between them the night before and hope Danny would still be as forgiving after a good nights sleep.

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