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Jack and Danny both looked up when they heard the telltale signs of movement coming from the bedroom. Twin smirks passed between them as a soft curse came right after an unfortunate sounding thud.

"Martin? You okay?" Danny called, still smirking.

"Fine!" Martin grumbled, the bathroom door closing a sign of a few minutes before they had to actually face him, giving them time to tone down their grins.

Jack got up and poured coffee, setting it down on the table just as Martin ambled out and flopped down unceremoniously.

"Morning," he said, looking drowsy, with bleary eyes and hair sticking up in little tufts all over.

"Morning," Jack said, leaning down for a kiss, before he retook his own seat.

"Sleep well?" Danny asked.

"Fine," Martin replied, inhaling deeply as he took a sip of coffee, gasping when it burned his tongue.

Danny couldn't help but chuckle, earning him a glare, but that just make him more amused, even when Jack kicked him under the table he couldn't contain it.

"Sorry..." he choked, still trying to curb his laughter.

"Liar," Martin stuck his tongue out and that just made Danny laugh harder, even Jack let out a chuckle.

"I'm going back to bed," Martin said, standing, fully prepared to do just that.

"We're sorry... really... come on, we have a day off, all of us, that never happens," Danny looked pleading.

Martin made a face, like he was thinking about it. "I don't like mornings, I need time... *quiet time* to wake up," he said.

"We know, we'll be good, honest..." Danny promised, making a cross over his heart.

"I'm still going back to bed..." Martin said, "but, there is room for three, if you want to join me," he grinned slightly, his head lolling to one side. Jack and Danny shared a brief look, but didn't need to be asked twice. Coffee left to go cold in favour of more energetic ways of waking up.

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