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Jack clutched the sheets in his hands as Martin lapped at the insides of his mouth. Martin, Jack had long ago decided kissed, like he was born to do it.

His kisses changed with his mood. Jack had a catalogue of them all in his memory.

The fiery open mouthed, tongue fucking, wet, messy, kisses that made Jack forget everything else but the kisses Martin was forcefully bestowing on him... they generally came when Martin was angry, usually because Jack had done something the media called heroic and Martin called stupid. Martin was probably right, but of course, they both knew, Jack would do the same thing again.

The slow sensual, licking, nibbling kisses that usually came during long lazy fucks, while Martin was sitting on him, riding him... the kisses that asked for more, but never begged.

The biting kisses, the kisses that begged and pleaded for Jack to give him more and harder, that had more than once left Jack with a bleeding bottom lip and a stated and entirely unapologetic agent flopped beside him snoring lightly.

The passionate, hot, slow, long kisses that left them both breathless. The ones that always said to Jack... "I'm alive, you're alive. We're both okay and I'm never letting you out of my sight again."

And then there were these kisses... Slow, gentle, almost whisper soft to start, as Martin just brushed their lips together over and over until they both couldn't stand it anymore and then sliding his tongue into Jack's mouth, firm but tender, lapping, tasting every part of Jack from the inside. When Martin kissed him like this, held him so tightly against him... this kiss said everything both of them were afraid to. "I need you, I love you, never leave me."

Jack whimpered and relaxed totally into the bed under him, Martin's weight pressed on top of him, both of them just *feeling* just taking the time, short though it may be to reconnect deep inside and the kisses said everything that needed to be said.

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