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"Jack..." Martin called quietly entering the apartment, a musty smell hit him as soon as he opened the door and once he saw Jack, it wasn't hard to guess why, it didn't look like the man had moved from the bed in three days.

"You look like hell," Martin told him immediately, but Jack just snorted derisively.

"Fine, have your pity party, but I'm going to clean up, this place needs airing out, opening windows is generally considered a *good* thing Jack," Martin told him, tossing his coat over a chair and pulling oh his jacket and tie too. Jack rolled his eyes and closed them, apparently determined to ignore him.

Martin opened the windows, tidied around in general, hovering and dusting, though the whole apartment, finishing in the bathroom by starting a bath running.

"Finished. This place is almost fit for a human to live in now. Come on, up and at 'em," Martin tugged on the bedding, earning a glare from Jack.

"You can get up or I'll drag your ass up and into the bathroom," Martin told him, holding his own against Jack's glare where others would have backed down.

Jack reluctantly and painfully, allowed Martin to move him. Once he was on his feet he was fine walking into the bathroom, but his hand clutched at his back and he made a point of throwing Martin another glare when he saw the steaming tub.

"It'll help... I got some stuff I put in it, it'll relax your muscles, you need help getting in?" Martin asked.

"No," Jack told him, succinct, the only word he'd said since Martin had entered his apartment some three hours earlier.

Martin stood there, obviously waiting for Jack to make a move himself. "You're planning on watching?" Jack asked.

"I was planning on joining... but if you don't want me too..." Martin frowned softly, purposely giving Jack his most self-depreciating look.

Jack rolled his eyes at the dramatics, but started to pull of his shirt, wincing in pain. Martin moved to help him, even against his protests. "No way can you bend down to take off your pants," Martin told him, dropping to his knees to help Jack step out of his pants. He was tempted to stay there, to nuzzle into Jack's stomach like he had so many other times... but this wasn't the time, Jack was in pain and that would really kill the buzz.

Martin stood up, stripping off, before helping Jack into the bath, regretful as Jack winced, but this would help, settling down, he settled Jack in front of him, glad for the larger than normal tub in Jack's bathroom, they'd never be able to pull this off in a regular tub.

Jack moaned gruffly and for a second Martin wondered if maybe it was in protest, but as Jack leaned back against him, he could feel him relaxing muscle by muscle.

"What's in the water?" Jack asked.

"A muscle relaxant, nothing big, it's herbal, but don't worry I checked it out thoroughly," Martin assured.

"Don't care if it's witch-doctor crap, oh that feels good," Jack practically whimpered.

Martin smiled, kissing the side of his neck. "Good, you're a grumpy bastard when you're in pain."

Jack chuckled. "Sorry."

"It's okay, I know you hate being out of action, but if you insist on jumping over cars to chase suspects..." Martin left the thought unfinished, but it was clear what he meant.

Jack sighed softly, "I used to be able too..."

"You aren't 20 anymore Jack," Martin reminded him.

"No kidding," Jack snorted disdainfully.

"Jack... you aren't old, just older than you were," Martin chided softly.

"Thin line," Jack replied.

Martin shook his head. Call it a midlife crisis, although Martin really thought that should have passed already after his fling with Samantha before Martin joined the team... but lately Jack had been more and more concerned with his age.


"I know, I'm not old, bla bla..." Jack cut him off.

Martin slapped his arm sharply. "Jack, I mean it." Martin said.

"I know. I'm just feeling sorry for myself... I've missed you the last couple of days and..." Jack paused.

"And you keep worrying that I'll leave when I 'realise' I've been saddled with an old man," Martin finished for him.

"You know, reading my mind isn't nice," Jack snorted.

"Jack... I love you. You aren't old, you're older sure, but not old and even if you were, I wouldn't love you any less. You're strong, sweet, smart, sexy... you make me smile, make love to me so good that I think I'm going to turn into jello permanently... no one has ever made me feel like this, no one," Martin told him, fingers playing over Jack's chest, face nuzzled just below his ear.

"If you tell anyone I'm sweet, I'll drop kick you all the way to DC and back," Jack growled playfully, before he sobered up. "I love you too."

Martin smiled brightly, kissing the side of Jack's neck softly. "I know... that's why I put up with your grumpy old ass."

"Charming," Jack groused.

"It's a very sexy grumpy old ass though," Martin said, flicking one finger across one of Jack's nipples.

"It... it's rather fond of you too," Jack murmured.

"Hmmm... when you're back on form, I'll give it some proper attention... but right now, I think we should dry off and get you back to bed," Martin kissed Jack's neck softly, nuzzling slightly.

"I'll hold you to that," Jack said, sliding forward, letting Martin help him out of the bath again.

"Feel better?" Martin asked drying him off with care.

"Yeah... still a little twinge but it feels much better," Jack conceded.

"Good... bed..." Martin pushed Jack softly towards the bedroom, not bothering with clothes he let Jack slip in before following him, making sure Jack was flat and comfortable before curling into his side.

"Thank you," Jack murmured softly.

Martin smiled against his chest. "Anytime Jack, anytime."

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