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Story Notes:
Written for Martin, as part of my Advent 2008.
Danny marked off another day on the calendar, a big red X through the number 21. There was a red circle around 22, announcing 'Our Christmas'.

"Next year I'm buying you an advent calendar," Mac announced behind him.

"Can it have candy in it?" Danny asked grinning as he turned.

"I think you're hyper enough," Mac said, pulling the younger man into his arms. "Hmmm, especially with the coffee you've been streamlining."

Danny shrugged. "It's that gingerbread stuff Don's mom sent, it's good. Where is Don anyway, I thought you two were riding home together?"

"He had a few last minute bits to take care off," Mac said. "I thought I'd come on home, get dinner started."

"You could..." Danny said, a cheeky grin appearing on his face.

Mac chuckled. "You have something else in mind?"

Danny wrapped his hand around Mac's neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss in response to the question. Mac groaned into the kiss, his tongue tangling with Danny's, arms wrapping around his back.

"So much for starting dinner," Don said, amused as he leaned against the door jam.

"I only got in a few minutes ago," Mac said softly. "I thought you had paperwork to finish up?"

"Angell said she'd finish it for me, she's got Christmas day off," Don said, coming up behind Mac, wrapping his arms around Mac's stomach, pressing against his back. "Just what were you two planning before I interrupted?"

"Dinner," Danny suggested cheekily.

Don snorted. "With Mac as the main course?"

"He's very filling," Danny said.

"Christ Dan that was bad," Don said, laughing.

Danny shrugged.

"Yes well, you'll have to find something else filling. I need to put the turkey in if we expect to eat tomorrow," Mac said.

Danny pouted.

Mac laughed softly, untangling himself from his lovers. "Why don't you two go... set the table... I'll get things sorted, put the turkey in the oven and I'll be there shortly."

Danny pulled Don into a fiercely passionate kiss, pressing his leg purposefully between the detectives legs, running his tongue along the slightly rough five o'clock shadow Don was sporting. Making sure Mac's eyes were on him as Don groaned and bucked against him he gave the older CSI a warning look. "Don't be too long, or I'll go straight for desert."

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