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Story Notes:
Written for SGAKaz for my Advent 2008.
Rodney glared at the tray of pies that sat in the centre of the lab. "What are those doing here?" he asked.

"They are mince pies, very good," Radek said. "Miko made them."

"Well get them out of here," Rodney said.

"They are mince pies Rodney," Radek said. "What is wrong with them?"

"They are poison," Rodney said.

"What is poison?" John asked.

"Those..." Rodney pointed at the pies.

"Ah," John said knowingly. "Come on McKay, lets go hide from the poison pies."

"They're trying to kill me, this is Miko's payback because I made her work with Kavanagh last month," Rodney said as John pushed him towards the doors.

"I'm sure it is," John agreed. "Let's go to the mess, they're serving hot chocolate with marshmallows and they put the Christmas tree up this morning."

"It's still three weeks until Christmas, I don't see why everyone's going mad, we could all have been blown up by then," Rodney said.

John chuckled. "Very optimistic Rodney."

Rodney snorted. "Is there whipped cream? Oh and shortbread, there was talk of short bread..."

"Short bread, long bread and everything in between bread," John said.

"I meant shortbread biscuits, I know you knew that" Rodney said. "Oh and did the Daedalus bring candy canes? Oh and..."

"I thought you weren't bothered by Christmas?" John interrupted.

"I'm not, but for some reason, they don't have candy canes in July, which is wrong, they should have them all year around," Rodney complained.

John laughed. "Maybe you should write to the FDA."

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