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Blair put another log in the fire, enjoying the smell of burning wood and the renewed blast of heat from the open flame.

"Hey Chief," Jim greeted with a smile, toeing off his shoes and hanging his jacket and coat, throwing the tie he was wearing on the kitchen island.

"Hey man, how was court?" Blair asked, wrapping his arms around Jim when the Sentinel walked into his personal space, cold hands sliding under his thick fleecy shirt. "Damn Jim, your hands are fucking freezing."

Jim chuckled. "And I thought I was the sentinel. Court was fine, reconvenes on the 28th but I shouldn't need to be there until the sentencing hearing."

"Good," Blair nuzzling against Jim's neck gently nipping.

"Hmmm..." Jim agreed softly. "I missed you today."

"Me too, but you'll be glad to know I got most of your paperwork done," Blair said.

Jim laughed. "Thanks Chief, Simon's been giving me the evil eye all week."

"Yeah, well he threatened to make us come in tomorrow if we didn't and it's the first Christmas we've had off in four years," Blair said. "I have everything chopped and in the fridge, going to put the turkey in later so tomorrow we can just chill."

Jim nodded against his guides hair. "I like how you think. So my hands aren't the only part of me that's cold."

"Oh really?" Blair asked rhetorically, laughing softly.

"Wanna help me with that?" Jim asked, leaning down to kiss his guide, greedily sucking the younger mans tongue into his mouth.

"Well, don't want you getting sick," Blair murmured agreeably, voice deeper than normal, husky and a little breathless when Jim released him.

"That would be bad," Jim agreed.

Blair pulled him down into another kiss, feeling flame warmed air against his flesh as Jim pushed his shirt up and let his hands roam Blair's back. Blair pressed against him, tugging at his shirt.

Jim moaned into Blair's mouth and let the familiar feeling of loving his guide wash over him, warming him better than any fire.

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