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Story Notes:
"No" was written for Sarah and "I'm Game" was written for Lady Drace, Advent 2008.
"Jaaaack," Ianto glared at his lover, twisting away from him.

"Come on, please," Jack begged, a cheeky grin bright on his face.

"Not at work," Ianto said. Not after last time they'd been caught. Being caught by Gwen was bad enough, but being caught by Owen had been worse, he still hadn't stopped taunting them.

"Come on, they're all upstairs," Jack said. "They'll never know, a quick game off..."

"*No,*" Ianto repeated.

"Okay, okay, no games, just a quick..."

"*No,*" Ianto said. "No quick *anything* Jack, I'm not having Owen, or Gwen, or Tosh, or a Weevil watching..."

"Oh come on, the Weevil's are harmless, I think they like to watch, Janet was practically salivating when..."

"*No!*" Ianto said. "God, you're a sick fuck."

Jack laughed. "What can I say, when you've gone with a woman with four..."

"I don't want to know," Ianto glared. "I'm going to finish sorting out the archives and you can go back to your office and do the paperwork you were supposed to be doing."

"But Yan... you can't tease me wearing that suit and..."

"It's not a tease Jack, I wear a suit every day," Ianto said.

"But not *that* suit," Jack said.

"It's a normal suit Jack, there is nothing special about this suit," Ianto said.

"It's *the* suit," Jack said.

Ianto frowned. "Um..."

"The suit you were wearing on our first date," Jack said.

"I uh... it is?" Ianto asked. "I thought I worse the grey pinstripe with they..."

Jack pressed him against the wall, kissing him fiercely. "Nope, this one," he pressed his thigh between Ianto's legs.

"Jaaack," Ianto groaned softly, pushing against him weakly.

"Just a little kissing, a little over the clothes gropping..." Jack suggested.

"No," Ianto said.

"Pleeeeeeeese," Jack begged, grinding suggestively against him.

Ianto glared ineffectually, but Jack just grinned and continued pressing against him, nuzzling his jaw until Ianto groaned and gave in. "Fine, but no games... and you can forget about what's in your pocket, I'm not letting a Weevil watch *that*."

Jack laughed and kissed him again, hands sliding under Ianto's shirt.

Well... he might let him use it.

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