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Mal gasped, the air rushing out of his lungs as he was practically thrown, hard against a bulkhead, a hot, hard body pressing against him, firm, sure lips crushing against his own, a slick tongue devastating his mouth, sweeping along his teeth, tangling with his own.

A strong thigh wedged between his legs, hands tugging at his clothes and slipping inside. He might have protested if he could speak, but a large hand was slipping into his trousers, cupping his cock as his mouth was plundered around the gasping breaths he was barely able to take.

Mal found his hands gripping flesh, tangling in short hair, clutching, pulling his 'assailant' closer, groaning softly as his cock was pulled from his trousers, being stroked hard, rough, nothing gentle, nothing soft or loving, just hot and hard and sex... teeth nipping at his lip, a rough beard nuzzling along his jaw and down his neck, Mal tightened his grip in the short locks of hair, tugging roughly as he growled and came over the stroking hand.


A smug smile appeared on Jayne's face. "Yeah?"

"What was that?" Mal asked.

"If you have to ask, I guess I didn't do it right," Jayne said.

"I just... here? Anyone cudda seen, I ain't in the habit of flashing my personal business all over the ship," Mal said. It wasn't a new admonishment.

"Everyone's in the dinning room preparing for your 'surprise party'," Jayne said.

"I thought I made it clear I don't like surprises," Mal said.

"I kinda thought you liked that one... your dick certainly did," Jayne said.

Mal glared, but the effect was lost as Jayne rubbed against him, his cock still hard in his trousers, grinding near obscenely against Mal's leg. "What's say we move this to my bunk?" Mal suggested.

"Whatever you want Cap'n, after all, it's your birthday..." Jayne smirked.

Mal pulled him tight against him, pulling him into another heated kiss. "Does that mean I get cake?"

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