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Story Notes:
Written for Martin. Advent 2008.
Tony shivered, stakeouts in a car were never fun, stakeouts in a car in December, were outright horrible. Uncomfortable, sleepless nights that dropped below zero more often than could possibly be good for them, the one saving grace was that on this occasion, it was stakeout with Gibbs... that as usual made up for everything else.

Gibbs heat was close, the smell of spice and sawdust strangely warming. "If you get any closer DiNozzo, you'll be sitting on my knee," Gibbs voice was coloured with amusement.

"Sorry boss, but it's bloody freezing," Tony said. Gibbs grunted agreeably and the car returned to silence for a while.

"Boss, we got movement," Tony said, catching sight of activity near the building they were watching.

"Yeah and they've got eyes, there's a watcher on that roof over there," Gibbs growled.

"If they see us we're screwed," Tony said.

"They'd better not see us then," Gibbs said.

Tony was going to suggest ducking, or getting into the back seat and hiding, but before he could formulate the words, Gibbs slightly chilled hand on the back of his neck and Tony's blood headed south as lips settled over his, Gibbs kissed like he did everything else, firm, possessive and oh so good.

Tony's hands reach of their own accord, gripping Gibbs shoulders, tongue sparring with Gibbs' as the hand at his neck tangled in his hair and Tony forgot all about the people they were supposed to be watching.

"We have a go," Gibbs said suddenly, so unexpectedly, Tony nearly fell backwards as Gibbs reared out of the car leaving the younger NCIS agent to scramble after him as the street lit up and flashing lights and loud sirens filled the quite night a mess of bodies scrambling together to arrest the six men and their watcher, who'd been stupid enough to think tonight was a good night to break into a house in a neighbourhood crawling with armed forces officers and their families.

Tony had barely gotten himself back in check by the time they dumped the idiots of in custody overnight to be question the next day, or possibly just whenever Gibbs got around too it, could be the day after if he felt like letting them sweat.

He was just heading for his car after finishing the last of his paperwork when a hand grabbed him and pushed him against a cold, concrete wall, a surprisingly gently hand cradling his head so he didn't smack if against the concrete as firm lips took his own in a kiss even more brain melting than the one earlier in the night had been. A hard leg pressing between his thighs, jamming against his already half hard dick.

"I thought so..." Gibbs voice was soft and in the dim light of this hidden corner, Tony could only just make out his eyes.


"My place, half an hour," Gibbs said, looking thoughtful. "Optional. If you're not there, we never mention this again."

Tony nodded dumbly, hips grinding almost mindlessly against Gibbs leg as he kissed Tony again, searing, passionate, warm, wet heat contrasting with the cold, hard concrete at his back and Tony knew he'd be following Gibbs home, following him anywhere he asked if it meant he'd get to experience this feeling again.

He loved stakeouts.

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