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Story Notes:
Written for Martin and Sarah. Advent 2008.
Martin lifted the package out of his mail box, no return address, which was odd, but he shrugged it off, it was probably from one of his family.

He dropped it on the sideboard when he entered the apartment, heading for a shower and warm, dry clothes, after the cold New York December day, completely forgetting about the package as he made dinner.

His phone bleeped as he sat down and tempted as he was to ignore it, he picked it up, a text message displaying on screen. 'Did you open it?' it took him a minute to realise what it meant, but the number was unrecognised and Martin wondered for a minute it maybe he shouldn't have it checked for explosives, but some gut instinct had him retrieving and opening the brown paper package.

Under the brown paper was a red box, plain, nothing written on it, except his name. Curiosity got the better of him and he opened it quickly and paused. Liquorice?

The dark confection smelled good and when he plucked a piece out and bit a piece off, he moaned softly. God it was the good stuff.

His phone bleeped impatiently and this time he replied with a succinct 'Yes.'

The doorbell chimed before the phone beeped again so Martin reluctantly left his treat and answered it, two smiling men greeting him.

"Told you," Danny looked pleased with himself.

"Told him what?" Martin asked, letting them in and accepting two enthusiastic kisses.

"That you'd like it," Danny grinned.

"That... why all the clock and dagger stuff?" Martin asked confused.

"No particular reason, we just wanted to play with you a bit. So are you going to share?" Jack asked.

Martin looked thoughtful for a moment. "What do I get if I do?"

Jack rolled his eyes while Danny laughed.

Martin groaned softly when Jack pressed him against the wall, his fingers tangling in Martin's hair kissing him fiercely, while another set of hands trailed over his front, cupping his lightly.

"So are you going to share?" Jack asked again huskily.

"Uh... sure..." Martin agreed softly moaning as Danny squeezed him gently.

Jack chuckled and turned to Danny. "Told you."

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