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All we've been surrounded by for the last two months is snow, ice and snow, and more ice and snow... I've spent most of the time seriously freezing my balls off, but I guess I'm getting more use to it as time goes on... I know one thing... if I ever go back home to Chicago I sure won't complain about the weather...

Wow... back up... IF I ever go back? That’s a new thought, where else WOULD I go?

Well now that is a question... one I'd never have asked myself a few minutes ago... not until... until the heat.

Ice and Snow have been my constant companions on this little trip, until a few minutes ago, when a blazing heat trickled through me, Frasier...

He kissed me; actually, I kissed him too.

It was heat. The moment our lips met, right in the middle of me screaming at him because of the ice and the snow, it was pure heat.

Hot breath in my mouth, a hot tongue searching me, tasting the crevices of my shocked open mouth, until I responded with equal if not greater fervour, as I forced his tongue back into his own mouth, following it with my own.

The only part of us that was actually touching was our lips, but my entire body felt like it was on fire.

Layers of ice were at my back, but I was on fire with his kiss, until it stopped.

I'm dazed. Disbelieving. Trying to distract myself with whatever random thoughts I can grasp for more than a few seconds, which lead me to the thought of IF I will return to Chicago... honestly, I don't know... I always thought I would but now... this is different.

Fire at my front as he leans close to me, I can feel his hot breath on my skin... and Ice at my back where I'm pressed into the cold snow...

Fire and Ice... that’s what I have here... back ho... in Chicago I've got a job... an apartment... but not Frasier... no Fire and Ice... No heat... no kisses filled with such heat and fire that they make me lose all sense of my self.

I don't know if I'll go back to Chicago... I don't know if I'll want to now...

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