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Story Notes:
My one, my only Will and Grace fic. Doubt I'll ever write another, but I've learned enough to never say never.
"Will?" Grace softly spoke, entering the hospital room where Jack McFarland currently unconscious and badly beaten lay.

"He still hasn't woken up... not even when I played Cher tapes,." Will told her with a sad smile.

"He's probably just doing it for the attention," Grace said, trying to lighten Will's mood, but it wasn't working.

"The Doctor's say it's not a coma, but it's been three days and... what if he doesn't wake up? What if the last thing I ever got to say to him was that I wanted him out of my life?" Will asked, choking up, tear tracks down his face.

"Oh Will," Grace came up behind him and wrapped him in her arms, gently rocking him.

"Jack's strong, a lot stronger than people give him credit for, he'll be okay," Grace tried to tell him, but Will didn't seem to believe it.

"I told him to get out of my life Grace, but I can't live without him... I... I think I love Jack." Will told her, his own surprise much greater than Grace's. "You knew?!"

"I suspected, but you needed to work it out for yourself, you'd never have believed me," Grace told him, an apologetic look on her face.

"What if I lose him Grace, what if he never wakes up, or does and never wants to see me again... this is all so messed up," Will bemoaned.

Grace didn't reply, just letting Will cry himself out until he was so tired he fell asleep his head rested on the edge of Jack's bed.


Jack could hear people talking, but couldn't make himself open his eyes.

"Wake Up!" Jack ordered, but his body wasn't co-operating, so he gave up and just listened.

'I... I think I love Jack'

"Will loves me?" Jack did a double take... Will threw him out, told him to get out of his life... and now he loved him?

Jack's body was stationary, but his mind was in a jumble. For years he'd desperately wanted to hear Will say he loved him, not that he'd ever admit it, after all he had a reputation to live up to, but as often as he'd brought other men into his bed, it was at least as often, he'd wished it was Will there instead.

Jack didn't know what to think, if only he could just wake up!


Will was dreaming, shifting in his sleep, when Grace left to get some coffee.

He was watching Jack, watching Jack laugh, joke, flirt, but then the scenes changed and it was dark, Jack was alone and Will screamed himself awake as he watched Jack beaten down to the ground and left for dead.


Will was shaking, sweating, and scared when he woke up, and his eyes immediately went to Jack's still unconscious face.

"Oh Jack... I'm so sorry," Will said, moving from the chair by Jack's bed, into the bed itself, sitting on the edge, as close to Jack as he could be.

"Please wake up Jack, even if you hate me, please wake up," Will pleaded, running gentle fingers over Jack's multi-coloured jaw.

Will watched for any signs of life, but there were none.

"Please Jack," Will asked again, leaning down closer, eyes pealed for any sign that Jack could hear him.

Will let himself lean down until he was almost kissing Jack... a part of him felt vaguely guilty that he was even thinking about this, but another part of him reasoned it maybe his only chance, so with all the tenderness he could muster Will let his lips brush gently against Jack's... surprised to feel Jack's lips respond.

Will jumped back, not sure if he'd really felt what he thought he had.

"Jack... Jack?" Will asked, desperately wanting Jack to move again.

His wish was granted, as two confused blue eyes flickered open, settling on his own.

"Oh thank God, Jack, I... I should get the Doctor, hold on," Will told him, scooting out to find the Doctor quickly as he could.


Half an hour, a few sips of water and several tests later, the Doctor announced that Jack would be just fine given proper rest and care.

Grace stayed at Will's side watching with him the whole time as Jack answered the Doctor's questions, the only thing Jack was having any trouble with was remembering the events immediately after the attack, but given that he'd been half unconscious when the paramedics arrived that was no real surprise... Will almost wished he couldn't remember that day at all, even thought the lawyer part of him rallied that Jack's evidence in court would be important.

Jack didn't say anything about Will kissing him, about Will telling him to get out, in fact he didn't say much of anything at all to Will the whole time he was in the hospital... it was only afterwards when the Doctor released him to Will's care on the understanding he'd stay with Will until he was fully recovered, that Jack started to talk to Will and even then only when he had too.

It was almost three weeks before Will couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm sorry," He finally said as they sat watching some stupid film on TV.

"Excuse me?" Jack asked blankly.

"I'm sorry. I was angry when I said... I don't want you out of my life Jack, that's the last thing that I want," Will said.

Jack didn't answer right away, seeming to think about what he was going to say. "I heard you, in the hospital, before I woke up, I could hear people, but I couldn't move," Jack said.

"You... oh... Jack I..." Will couldn't think of a single thing to say, but he was driven by the sudden compulsion to follow perhaps the one piece of advice he'd ever heard from Karen that made perfect sense... 'embrace life, and screw what anyone else thinks.'

Will decided it was time to embrace life, or more accurately Jack and taking his life and his heart in his hands, he pulled Jack too him and kissed him. This wasn't the simple brush of lips Will had given when Jack was in the hospital, this was more.

Will pulled Jack as close as he could, letting his tongue slip out and groaning gladly when Jack opened his mouth and let it slip inside. Will gently released Jack.

"Jack I'm sorry okay. I can't take back what I said, wish I could, but I don't want to lose you," Will said, his fingers, still clasped at the back of Jack's neck where they had arranged themselves during the kiss.

"I... it hurt," Jack said softly, his voice catching in his throat.

"I know. I'm so sorry, I wish I could take it back, I'd do anything to be able to, but I can't, but give me a chance to make it up to you, I can't imagine what my life would be like without you, I don't want to imagine it," Will said, moving his hand to rub soothing circles across Jack's shoulder blade.

Jack sighed, not his trademark, overly dramatic sigh, but low and real.

"I've loved you forever," Jack finally admitted softly.

"Oh God Jack," Will pulled Jack to him. "I'm so sorry, so, so sorry. I love you Jack, don't know how or when, but I do, please let me show you," Will pleaded gently.

Jack nodded against him.

Will smiled softly, kissing Jack again, gently, working his tongue between Jack's welcoming lips, and slowly exploring the hot mouth.

Jack let Will lead, let him take him into the bedroom and strip him down, and let Will take control as they slowly built towards completion, crying out Will's name, as Will cried out his and their semen mixed together on their bellies.


Jack woke up, bleary eyes taking in his surroundings.

Will was curled warmly around him, a soft snoring in his ear, tickling him gently.

Jack smiled. He was finally exactly where he wanted to be, even if it did take forever to get there.

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