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"I'm not home Jack... go away." MacGyver said tiredly.

"Well you see I would but then I'd just have to come back again, and it would really be just easier if I just stayed now." Jack Dalton said, dumping his bag inside the door.

"Why are you here?" MacGyver asked.

"Because I'm as stubborn as you are resourceful and I'm not prepared to give up on us just yet." Jack answered, in what MacGyver suspected was possibly the most honest thing the man had said in months.

"It's finished Jack, end of story." MacGyver said.

Jack didn't answer, instead coming to sit down in front of his friend.

"It doesn't have to be." Jack told him.

"Yes it does... damn it Jack you don't know the meaning of the word honesty! I can't trust you and I can't trust myself with you!" MacGyver spat out.

"I admit I'm not perfect, but you’re the most honest thing about me Mac, how I feel about you is honest." Jack said.

"I know... but it's just too hard Jack... I can't keep following you into all this crap... this one was too close Jack; I just want to retire in peace." MacGyver said quietly.

"I know... please Mac... don't give up on us, not now... I need you, I promise no more crazy adventures, just me, you a couple of fishing rods, nice big bed and no alarm clocks." Jack said.

"Your not capable of keeping out of trouble Jack, you're always after the next big money making scheme, trouble finds you."

"Not anymore Mac... not if it means losing you... just tell me what I have to do Mac and I'll do it." Jack was desperate... he wasn't sure what he'd do if he lost MacGyver.

"Leave." MacGyver told him simply, not even bothering to look at him.

Jack shook his head, but MacGyver wasn't looking, his stare was blankly focused instead on the fireplace.

Jack stood on shaky legs.

"I love you Mac," he said softly, reaching out a hand laying it on MacGyver's shoulder, but the other man didn't look up.

Jack left.


MacGyver waited until the sound of Jack's car engine was gone completely before he let go of the tears that he'd been holding back, letting them spill down his cheeks.

He'd done it, he'd finally gotten Jack to leave, and he felt like his heart had been ripped out and gone with him.

MacGyver just sat there and let the tear fall, tremors running through him as he continued to stare into the flickering flames of the fire... what had he done?


Jack bedded himself down in a motel, trying hard to convince himself that he'd been alone for a long time before Mac, he could do it again, but after almost five years of waking up with MacGyver by his side, he knew convincing himself wasn't that easy.


"Good morning Mr MacGyver." His secretary greeted him a few mornings later.

He would never get use to that, having taken over Pete's job after he and Jack had officially 'gotten together', because Pete couldn't do it anymore, and Mac didn't want the danger of being out in the field anymore, when he had someone else to consider aside from himself.

"Morning," MacGyver said, listening as she rhymed of a list of messages he had, meetings he was due to attend, and various other things.

"Cancel them all." MacGyver suddenly said.

"Mr MacGyver?" the young red head asked.

"I said cancel all the meetings, reschedule them, I don't care, and get a guest list of all hotels and motels in a 50 mile radius." MacGyver instructed.

"Em..." the young women looked confused.

"Please just do it Gina, I'll be in my office." MacGyver said, closing the women on the outside of his office and sitting down behind his computer, and pulling up a list of friends he had for Jack to see if he might have gone to any of them.

Half an hour later, MacGyver was getting no-where, but Gina appeared with a single sheet of paper before him.

"That can't be the guest-lists for all the hotels and motels." MacGyver commented.

"No Mr MacGyver, but I'm fairly certain it's the one your looking for," she said, turning on her heel and walking out after dropping the paper on his desk.

MacGyver's eye's flickered over the paper to the underlined portions.

Jack Dalton – Room 27

MacGyver made a quick mental note of the motel name and number, and on his way out the door, told Gina to take the rest of the day off.


Jack hadn't bothered going into work. No point in going in to be told he was fired, they could fire him just as well without him actually being there he was sure.

He'd taken a walk along the near-by beach that morning, but it just didn't interest him... he liked walking on the beach with Mac... Mac who could tell him the fancy name for a Seagull, Mac who could make rock formations sound like the most fascinating thing known to man... Jack wasn't sure he knew how to be Jack anymore; he'd gotten so use to being half of 'Mac 'n Jack.'

He hadn't been expecting to come back to the motel and find a visitor though.

"You weren't hard to find." MacGyver commented.

"I wasn't aware I was meant to be hiding, besides, I didn't think you'd be looking." Jack replied.

"I wasn't going to... but I couldn't not." MacGyver said softly, standing up from where he'd been sitting on the rooms only chair.

"I am too old for this running around nearly getting killed every other week, but I'm too young to imagine living the rest of my life alone... without you." MacGyver said, reaching a hand up to brush gently across Jack's jaw.

"Please come home Jack." He asked.

"Even thought I'm a trouble magnet?"

"Just as long as you’re my trouble magnet," MacGyver smiled gently.

"You won't change your mind?" Jack asked.

"I missed... I didn't like waking up alone... I missed your crazy scheming and plotting... I missed the sound of your voice... I missed you... I don't want to spend the rest of my life missing what should be right beside me, you and me Jack we're a pair, we belong, I like belonging." MacGyver said, honesty shining in his deep brown eyes.

Jack nodded, moving his head to the side to kiss the palm that still rested on his cheek.

"Lets go home." Jack said, relishing the feeling of his lovers arms around him when MacGyver pulled him into a hug.

"Yeah... home." MacGyver agreed, silently thinking that where-ever Jack was, that was home.

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