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I've never seen any grown man as playful as Jack... especially when he's playing with Jack Jr. The little guy's almost four now... Jack knows he's not his biological father... but after the kids mother died, he wanted... needed to look after the kid, and it's been my unique pleasure to see Jack become a wonderful father... he's more responsible now than ever before.

"Okay JJ... time for bed, why don't you get changed, and then I'll tell you a story." I say, grinning at the two whining moans that come my way... yes he's more responsible... but no one can expect miracles.

"Ahhh... bed." I say, laughing as JJ grudgingly tramples towards his bedroom.

"Spoil Sport." Jack says, tossing all JJ's toys into the box.

"Well if you had your way none of us would ever get any sleep," I tell him, helping him up.

Jack has lost weight... not to say he's suddenly Mr. Muscles... but he's a lot fitter since he's been chasing JJ around.

"I wasn't planning on letting you sleep anyway." Jack says smirking.

"Jaack... JJ is still up." I warn him.

"Yes, but he's in his bedroom..." he says menacingly, getting up.

Jack stalks forward... it’s the only word for it.

He has me backed against the wall, when he laughs suddenly.

"Relax Mac... you know I won't do anything with JJ still awake..."

I relax visibly.

"...except maybe this." Jack says devilishly.

Oh God!

Jack for all people would say that he lacks in some areas, definitely doesn't lack in this one.

He playfully nips at my lips, pressing me more against the wall as he kisses me.

Jack teases... playing his lips over mine.

He's feeling playful today... I mean I already knew that watching him play with JJ, but there is a big difference between the playfulness he has around JJ, and the playfulness he shows me when we're alone... a very big difference.

He nibbles, and flicks my lips with his tongue... teasing, taunting, playing with me in the way he knows will drive me crazy.

My arms go around him, pulling him closer, and I'm just about a deepen the kiss, when...

"Daddy Mac... I'm ready for my story." An eager young voice calls out.

My eyes close and I sigh in frustration.

"Coming JJ." I shout.

Jack smiles cheekily... giving another quick nibble to my bottom lip, before stepping back to let me past... I'll get back to Jack later... and hopefully he'll still be feeling playful.

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