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Jan: Oh, live with it! You'll be fighting off major ogles while we defend our sexuality.

Missy: What is your sexuality?

Les: Well, Jan is straight, while I'm... Controversial.

I let Les tell the lie... well it's not exactly a lie... I am straight... mostly... except with him.


"Hey..." I hear Les behind me, strong hands on my shoulders.


"You okay?"

"Good... okay..."

"Come 'ere." Les said, turning me around.

He pulls me to him in a tight embrace... it's nice... but it's not safe... it's too public here, in the locker rooms, anyone could come in.

"Meet me later?" I ask.

"Normal place." He assures me.

I glance around quickly, making sure no-one is around, and kiss him.

A gentle press of lips against lips; soft and loving as he manoeuvres himself to meld his lips to mine.

This makes it worth it, the tenderness of his lips pressing delicately against mine... I'd never admit it of course... In that way, I'm too much of a coward... but I feel cherished in moments like this... loved.

I break the tender contact of our lips, sighing, wishing I didn't have to.

"Later." I whisper quietly.

"Yeah..." he replied equally as quiet, his fingers brushing against my arm as he leaves.

I let him lie to Missy and Torrance because I didn't have the guts to admit the truth... but I can't tell myself the same lie anymore, because I haven't got the guts to live without his touch, his kisses... and sometime soon something's gotta give...

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