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Story Notes:
Written for my Advent Calendar 2009. Prompted by: rain_sleet_snow who asked for Harry Potter, Trio Gen, It'll pass muster – I suck at gen... but I tried... even if it is pathetically short and generally pathetic.
Ron looked at the model in front of him, squinting. "It's not bad..." he said.

Beside him, Harry also squinted. "No, it's... it's ok."

"It'll pass muster," Ron said. "Right?"

Harry nodded, not entirely convinced. "Sure it will."

"Are you both completely blind?" Hermione piped up from her chair by the fire.

Twin replies of 'no, of course not' were given, as the boys hastily straightened a few bits.

Hermione sighed. "Shall we start with how Jupiter and Saturn are in the wrong places? Or the fact that the Earth apparently orbits the moon and not the other way around?"

"It's not that bad!" Ron defended.

"Ronald, it's not that good," Hermione said.

Harry sighed. He hated when Hermione and Ron got in a snit with each other and this was definitely headed that direction.

"And I suppose yours is perfect," Ron sneered.

"Neville and I finished ours three days ago and Professor Sinistra already graded us," Hermione said smugly.

"Hermione," Harry interrupted, before Ron could say something else to annoy their friend and likely result in a three month sulk from both of them. "Do you suppose you could help us a little; just... point out any more mistakes. We'll do all the work."

Ron's derisive snort, very almost had Hermione saying no, but Harry quickly interjected with a 'please' and she conceded. "Fix the Earth and moon first..."

Harry ignored Ron's muttered complaint about Hermione being a bossy boots and gave her a grateful smile.

With any luck, he and Ron wouldn't fail Astronomy and they'd go another day without Ron and Hermione falling out.

Then again, as Ron accidentally crushed their carefully constructed ball of paper moon – there were still time to do both.

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