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It's late, or maybe early, depending on your point of view. Either way it was dark outside, although it was never completely dark in Vegas; the lights of the strip were far enough away from David's house that he could almost pretend.

He was lying in bed and Nick was there, curled around him, snoring softly. It was strange; he wasn't entirely certain how they'd gotten here.


Nick had asked him if he wanted to go get a coffee one morning after shift. They'd gone before, with others, but that morning it was just them and before David had really had time to consider why they were back at his place and Nick was giving him a really expert blowjob that sent all his brain cells straight to hell in a hand basket.

He'd woken up in the afternoon sore, sated and alone, but that hadn't really bothered him and Nick didn't act any differently so David let it slid and had almost forgotten about it a few weeks later when Nick asked him to breakfast again.

This time waking up sore, sated and alone hadn't surprised him in the least and when it kept happening, well David adapted, because it was semi-regular really fantastic sex. David was anti-social not stupid, he wasn't going to turn down that.


It had been going on about three months, the first time David woke up sore, sated and *not* alone. It was a Thursday and the clock told him it was almost four in the afternoon and when his alarm went of, Nick woke up and acted like everything was so perfectly normal David didn't think to protest the shared shower, or breakfast, although now that he thought about it why he'd ever have wanted to protest Nick fucking him against the shower wall he wasn't sure.

So okay, it was different, but David could adapt to Nick staying over, it wasn't every night, just once or twice a week and he did get mind blowing sex and often breakfast and/or dinner out of the deal – because oh could Nick cook, he made pancakes and waffles that made David's mouth water in the worst way, so yeah, he could handle that.


One bright sunny Saturday, around noon, about six weeks after Nick had started spending the night, day, whatever... David found himself sitting on his couch, Nick beside him, arm around him, watching some movie that David now couldn't remember and falling asleep like that. His back and neck both hated him when he woke up and he was so preoccupied with that, he didn't immediately realise Nick had stayed over and they *hadn't* had sex.

When he did realise it, David freaked. He'd been good so far, he'd adapted despite the fact Nick seemed to change the rules of their relationship without *asking* first but this was... this was a little bit like actually dating, actually having a real relationship not just friends with benefits and David... David had never *ever* succeeded at having a relationship.

The idea that he might not succeed in a relationship with Nick, made his heart race and his breathing go crazy and he felt like his heart was made of glass and it might break. He knew then... he knew... he'd fallen in love with Nick Stokes.

He was in love with and dating, Nick Stokes. And somehow, when Nick had come back again the next morning and made waffles in his kitchen and snuggled up with him in bed with nothing more than a few kisses exchanged, David thought maybe, Nick loved him too.


That was five years ago and now here he was.

David's house was actually *their* house and it was hard to tell when it ever hadn't been, the whole place had been redecorated over time so that it reflected *them* not just *him* and so here they were... together... and it worked, although David was still never sure how.

Still he thought he'd adapted pretty well to all the little curveballs Nick had thrown his way.

Even the bouncing four year old girl who came flying into their room announcing it was time to get up because it was her birthday and she wanted pancakes and waffles and the new Barbie... "I know you and Papa got me! I saw Papa wrapping it".

Nick grinned sheepishly and David shook his head with wry amusement and followed them both out to the kitchen watching as Nick cooked and Caitlin examined her newest toys and if he were honest, maybe it didn't matter how they'd gotten here, only that they were.

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