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Story Notes:
Posted for my Advent Calendar 2011.
Danny was looking woozy and his speech was a bit befuddled, as they pulled away from the front of the hospital, which made Steve wonder if he should stay, but Danny had made it clear - about the only thing he'd said in the last couple of hours that was clear - that he didn't want to stay in hospital.

The doctor had argued the point, he had a concussion. It wasn't serious, but he would need a close eye kept on him.

But Steve knew how much Danny hated hospitals, and why, so he had rebutted with the idea that he would keep an eye on his partner and had field medic training from when he was in the Navy - which was even sort of true if you looked at it the right way - so Danny would be just fine.

"S'not my 'partment..." Danny mumbled when the car came to a stop.

"No, it's my house. You have a concussion Danny, that means you need to be woken every couple of hours," Steve reminded.

"Oh..." Danny muttered. "I feel sick..."

Steve winced. Maybe he really should have left Danny in the hospital... but they were home now and Danny would feel a lot better waking up in the morning in a nice comfortable, familiar place, rather than in a hospital room.

"Okay buddy, lets get you inside and you can get some rest," he said, moving to help Danny from the car.

"I can walk," Danny argued, pulling a face and rubbing his stomach like he was trying to quell nausea, but he walked under his own steam into the house and with a little encouragement, up the stairs and into Steve's bed.

Steve left him to sleep and went to get a shower and something to eat.


Danny was dopey when Steve woke him later, but he gave his name, birthday, badge number and grumbled about being woke up, so Steve figured he was fine.

The second time, he was only slightly more alert and his grumbling was... different.

"Miss cuddling," Danny mumbled between answering Steve's questions. "Like to cuddle..."

Steve listened to the protesting mumbles and... "What the hell..." he said to himself. Slipping onto the bed beside Danny and pulled him, unresisting into his arms.

Danny's mumbling stopped, his frame stiffening just for a moment before he outright snuggled into Steve's arms, his own arms wrapping around Steve's waist and his face pressing into the juncture between Steve's neck and shoulder.

"S'nice..." Danny murmured.

Steve squeezed a little harder. It was nice and he found himself drifting off, only shaking it off long enough to set the alarm before giving into it.

Danny was more alert each time Steve woke him, but - to Steve's surprise - didn't try to pull out of their tangled embrace. Answering Steve's questions - snorting when when Steve threw in something else to try and confuse him - before falling back off to sleep each time.

Morning dawned bright and early, but Steve didn't want to leave the warm comfort of the bed - of Danny - who may yet protest Steve cuddling him, once he was fully back to himself, so he stayed where he was until his alarm went off again to tell him he needed to wake Danny.

"Come on, Danno, up and at'em," Steve encouraged.

"Fuck off Steven... fuck my head hurts like a son of a bitch..." Danny groaned.

"It probably will for a few days... at least your alert enough now to be aware of how much it hurts..."

Danny snorted. "I'd rather not be."

"Yeah... well if you get up, I could be convinced to make you breakfast."

"Oh you could, could you?"

"Pancakes... blueberry... with maple syrup..."

"Hmmm," Danny murmured. "But then I'd have to move... and you're a very comfortable pillow. A surprisingly apt snuggler for someone who I'm not wholly convinced was held as a child no matter how many photo-shopped pictures you show me."

"They didn't have photo-shop when I was a kid Danny," Steve said.

Danny chuckled at the familiar rebuttal, wincing in obvious pain when he did.

"Stay here," Steve said. "I'll get you the painkillers the doc sent back with us and make those pancakes... I'll even let you eat in bed."

"Not afraid I'll get crumbs everywhere?"

"Naw, I'll just make you change the sheets," Steve said.

"Kay..." Danny said, nuzzling against his neck.

"Uh Danno... if you want painkillers and pancakes, you need to let go..."

Danny mumbled something Steve didn't catch and didn't give a fuck about when Danny looked up at him for the first time eyes shadowed in pain but with something else indefinable flickering behind it as he leaned up and brushed his lips first against Steve's chin, then his jaw and finally stretching enough to reach his mouth.

Steve sighed into it, pressing back against Danny's mouth, using the hold where his arms were still curled around Danny to drag him up slightly, pressing them more firmly together, Danny half over Steve's chest as Steve rolled properly onto his back.

"Ow," Danny finally pulled away with a protest. "Damn... I really want to do some very nasty things with you right now but..."

Steve smiled softly. "Painkillers, pancakes," he repeated. "And uh... we'll talk about the rest when I get back."

"Talk?" Danny asked. "You crawled into bed with me last night, why do we need to..."

"You wanted to cuddle," Steve protested. "I was just..."

Danny's eyebrows almost hit his hairline, disbelief written all over his face.

"Okay, so maybe I wanted to," Steve said. "But..."

"Ya know what, I need those painkillers if we're going to talk. And don't forget the maple syrup," he added.

Steve leaned over and pressed a soft kiss against the side of Danny's mouth before he untangled himself. "I won't," he promised.

"Idiot," Danny muttered, but then he was burying his face in the pillow Steve had just abandoned, so Steve decided he'd better get those painkillers and leave further discussion until Danny was feeling less rough.

But they did need to talk. Cuddling up was one thing, but they were friends, partners... Steve wanted more, wouldn't have crawled into bed with Danny - no matter how cute he was when mumbling about the lack of cuddles in his life - if he didn't. But now that they were both more or less with it, he needed to know they were still on the same wave length and that meant Danny being 100%.

In the mean time, maybe some more cuddling wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

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