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Story Notes:
Posted for my Advent Calendar 2011. Pre-Slash, if you squint.
"I don't see why you won't just move in with me," Steve said, for what was probably the tenth time that day alone. "I've got plenty of room, you can have your own real bedroom. Grace can have her own room. It's a safe neighbourhood and a beach right out the back. I know you're practically allergic to sand, but Grace likes the beach."

"Grace, has been indoctrinated by you crazy Hawaiians," Danny said, head bowed over the layout table even though they weren't working any active cases at the moment. "And again, I say, no."

"Haole," Steve retorted.

"Proudly," Danny agreed.

"Look, Danny... at least come stay with me until you get a decent place. Come on, you hate the hotel and..."


"Grace really hates the hotel, you know she'd probably want to spend more time with you, if you lived on a beach," Steve said.

Danny looked up at his partner and glared.

Steve grinned. He knew he'd won with that one. There was nothing Danny wouldn't do for more time with his kid and since Rachel had gone back to Stan, things had really loosened up on that front. Danny had pretty much been allowed to take Grace for a few hours whenever work allowed and keep her an extra night a week, which still wasn't as much as Danny would have liked, but it was a hell of a lot better than he'd had. The only problem was that Grace, really, really hated Danny's hotel.

"I pay rent, I pay towards utilities and food and... and you need a better cable package."

"You don't pay rent But Utilities and food we'll share. And if you want better cable, you pay for it yourself."


"Danny," Steve interrupted. "The house is mine free and clear, I'm not going to charge you rent. If there was a mortgage on the place it'd be different but my Dad had that paid off years ago... and I suppose we could split the cable bill, but anything you watch on pay-per-view is all on you my friend."

"Don't be stupid, I don't use pay-per-view, there is plenty of free porn on the internet," Danny said.

Steve laughed, slapping Danny's back. "Does that mean you'll move in?"

"Yes, okay. Temporarily. Until I find a place."

"Absolutely. But if it takes you, you know, a year or three, or whatever, to find a place, that's cool. You should absolutely make sure to find the best place, accept no substitutions. And we can ask Grace what colour she wants her room, we can get paint this weekend."

Danny shook his head and muttered something Steve didn't catch and probably didn't want too.

"Come on man, it'll be fun," Steve said, still grinning.

"My friend, your definition of fun, needs serious work. In fact, you know maybe you're right, maybe it will be fun, you can observe me behaving like a human being. Something might rub off."

Steve juts grinned wider. "You never do know."

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