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Story Notes:
Advent Calendar 2011.
Steve looked cautiously around the corner, making sure his path was clear before making a beeline for the doors, relief flooding him when he made it safely to the exit.

"That..." Danny said, laughing, the bastard was fucking laughing. "Was priceless McGarrett."

"Fuck you, do you know she left a twelve minute message on my answering machine last night... twelve minutes Danny," Steve complained. "The only reason I haven't arrested her for stalking is because I will never, ever fucking live it down."

"Well, did you try telling her no?" Danny asked.

"I tried letting her down easy. I tried telling her I was seeing someone, but apparently every fucker knows I'm not," Steve said.

"The bane of being known by everyone in law enforcement, usually as being the bane of their existence," Danny quirked a grin at him.

"I hate you," Steve muttered.

Danny laughed. "Babe, you, could not live without me."

Steve muttered a curse, ready to tell Danny all the ways in which he could kill him - and then live without him - when his curses trailed off.

"Oh God..."

"Steve..." and there she was. Caitlin Shepard.

Steve smiled weakly. "Ms. Shepard."

"How many times do I have to ask you to call me Caitlin, Steve," she said, wrapping an arm through his.

Danny raised an eyebrow. Steve, did not like people in his personal space. Not people he didn't invite there anyway and Steve tried desperately to telegraph 'help me' without whining.

"Hi, Caitlin is it?" Danny asked. "I'm Danny, Steve's partner."

Caitlin gave Danny an appraising look. "That's nice. Steve, I thought if you weren't busy..."

"He is," Danny said, before Steve could reply. "We were just about to head home weren't we babe? I'm on a promise if I make him some of my Ma's famous Pasta Carbonara."

Steve nearly choked on Danny's obvious leer and he wasn't the only one.

"Oh that's..." Caitlin looked stunned. "Commander, you didn't tell me Detective Williams was your partner."

And just like that she had removed herself from his personal space. Gone was the sweet smile, a humiliated flush on her cheeks. Steve bit back a wince, he was going to pay for this later, he just knew it.

"We're kinda on the down low," Danny said. "Waiting to see how it all worked out before we told everyone, but we just told my daughter this past weekend and now we're ready to start letting other people know."

Steve nodded, which was all he could do, because Jesus, Danny just had an answer for everything didn't he.

"We've been talking about moving in together, but of course, we have to wait for my apartment lease to finish up, unless I can find someone to sublet. I don't suppose you know anyone in the market for a crappy apartment with a leaky bathroom tap?"

Steve, really, really, really, thought his head was going to explode then. If Caitlin's didn't first.

"No," she said. "Sorry. Well, excuse me, I have a few things to finish before I go home."

And then she was walking back into the HPD building they'd just left without a backwards glance.

Danny looked smug. Steve was still too stunned to look like anything - except maybe a goldfish, he was pretty sure he was doing a good impression of a goldfish right now - let alone speak.

"Well babe, are you coming?" Danny asked with a grin.

"I..." Steve nodded and followed dumbly climbing into the passenger seat without even a protest and barely even aware of the drive to his place, until Danny had pulled up into the drive way.


"It's alive," Danny teased. "I was beginning to wonder if you'd had a stroke or something..."

"No. I..." Steve swallowed. "I don't have anything in for Pasta Carbonara."

Danny was silent for a minute, before he laughed, long and hard and Steve was pretty sure he was now blushing - and he never blushed, not ever - before Danny leaned over and kissed him.

It was wet and sloppy and God the best kiss Steve had, had in... months. Years maybe.

"That's okay babe," Danny finally murmured. "Make me steak and give me beer and you can be on a promise."

Steve blinked, meeting Danny's gaze to be sure he really, really was getting what Danny was saying and he smiled, his lips curving into a smile that felt too big for his face.

He might have to send Caitlin flowers. Anonymously. Or maybe he'd address them from Chin.

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