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Kirk looked smug. This was never a good sign as far as McCoy was concerned. When his lover looked smug, it usually resulted in mayhem.

"I am a genius," Kirk said.

McCoy didn't bother to hide the frown. "What did you do?"

"Why do you always assume the worst Bones?"

"Because usually, I'm right. Last time I was right and I got a broken arm," McCoy said.

"Well, that was just a tiny... mishap. Come on, I made it up too you..." Kirk waggled his eyebrow.

McCoy rolled his eyes. While it was true Kirk had been very... inventive, in making it up to him, the broken arm had still hurt like a son of a bitch.

"So what did you do?" McCoy asked as he stripped down.

"I got us a weeks shore leave," Kirk said.

"The crew had shore leave last month," McCoy said.

"Not on Earth," Kirk said. "Granted it means I have to spend a few days at the Academy, but then we get the chance to relax while they make a few more upgrades."


"I'm very impressive, they want me to take a few classes, the excuse to make a few more upgrades was just what they needed."

"Oh very impressive are you?" McCoy said.

"Very," Kirk agreed. "And I already arranged a hotel for us."

"Really now?"

"A sweet little place in Hawaii. Sun, surf, sand and five days to enjoy it all," Kirk said.

"And if I don't want to go to Hawaii?"

"I will begin questioning your sanity and remind you that last time we got a real vacation Earth side, just how well you got laid."

McCoy couldn't really dispute that either. "Hawaii huh... well I suppose it wouldn't be awful."

"Our hotel room has it's own private balcony. And I mean private, it's got a screen around it, we can see out but no one can see in..."

"We're not fucking on the balcony Jim," McCoy said.

Kirk grinned. "Sixty seconds ago you didn't want to go to Hawaii..."

McCoy grumbled. "I could still change my mind."

Kirk's laughter, as he finally pulled McCoy into their shared bed suggested he knew that wasn't going to happen.

McCoy grumbled further into the kiss Kirk gave him, but he quickly forgot to protest any of their further holiday plans.

Hell, he'd only end up giving into them all anyway.

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