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Story Notes:
Written back at the end of S1, vague spoilers for 1x23. With thanks to for the beta, any remaining mistakes are my own.
"It's not what you think," Danny said.

It was hours later, Sang Min was in lock up, protected for now, and Danny had followed Steve home.


"Rachel. We're... we're close, yeah, you know, I'm glad, cause it makes things a shit load easier with Grace. I think we might be friends again, you know, really friends and she's having problems with Stan, kinda think they're fucked, but I'm not... I'm not in love with her any more. I love her, but not that way," Danny explained.

"Not my business, buddy."

"Yeah," Danny said. "But it is."

Steve swallowed, making the face he made when he was about to chicken the fuck out on talking about feelings.

"It is," Danny repeated more forcefully.

Steve let out a long, shaky breath. "I'm glad you're not... I want you to be happy but I'm glad it's not... Rachel."

Danny let a smile spread slowly across his face until he was grinning, before Steve stepped forward and kissed it into submission, his tongue slipping across Danny's lips briefly.

"Danno," Steve murmured, "please tell me I'm not reading this..."

"You aren't," Danny promised. "Jesus, you really aren't..."

Steve's grin was now almost as wide as Danny's had been and Danny pulled him close, fingers tangling in the short hairs the back of Steve's neck. "You really, really aren't."

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