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Story Notes:
Yah okay this didn't quite finish how it started out but *shrug* its just a short little thing written in ten minutes while I was chatting to about five different people on MSN... by my own admittance, no where near my best work.
If any woman ever approached Steve Sloan, ever, ever again, he was going to run in the other direction faster than the speed of light. This he decided quite plainly as it sat on the balcony of the house he shared with his father, watching the sunset.

This plan was actually quite a good one he thought to himself a week later and even a month later, when he'd turned down several dates. He had more free time to hang out with friends and to work at the restaurant, giving Jesse more time to sleep instead of living on coffee.

He'd gone with his Dad to buy a birthday present for Amanda and gone surfing with Jess a few times; he even managed to fit in a basket ball game with Jesse.

It was good, relaxing, fun. Steve couldn't even remember the last time he'd felt so free to be himself. Of course if he'd looked a little deeper he might have been concerned that he spent almost all his free time these days with Jesse, or well not concerned... but certainly he'd have found it curious or strange, or given it some consideration. As it happens Steve didn't notice, until he walked into the hospital to pick up Jesse, because surprise of all surprises his car had broken down, again.

"Well no one is saying anything you understand, because his boyfriend is a cop, but Jesse Travis is definitely off the market. He's dating Dr. Sloan's son, such a pity they are both such lookers, but it's so obvious they are in love and..."

Steve had no idea what came after the 'and' he was too busy trying not to hyperventilate as he realized in short order that he had been dating his – very straight – best friend!

Steve wasn't exactly new to the idea of sex with a man, he'd been in the military and as cliché as it was, well... in the middle of a war zone any hand that wasn't your own was good enough that you didn't look just too closely at who's hand it was. Well Steve may have gone a little further than hands, but the principles were the same. Still sex with a man and dating a man, the differences were numerable he was sure.

"Steve. Hey I was just heading to the locker room, you're early." Jesse' startled him.

"Yeah, I am." Steve said, trying to sound normal.

Jesse gave him a curious glance, before his trademark grin appeared again. "I was thinking maybe we could swing by bob's for dinner, if you're not busy."

"No. I mean no I'm not busy. Dinner sounds good." Steve muttered, following Jesse towards the Doctor's lounge. He saw two nurses whispering as he passed and he was fairly sure they were the two he'd heard talking, but it wasn't like he was about to comment, even in an attempt to correct them.


*Later that Night*

"Steve... hey Steve!" Jesse was practically on top of him, concerned eyes watching him carefully.

"What?" Steve asked consciously trying to keep his cool.

He hadn't been able to get what he'd over heard out of his mind all night, but he kept coming back to the idea that dating Jesse wouldn't be such a bad thing, well except for the part where Jess was straight and would kill him if he knew he was having these thoughts.

"You keep zoning out on my, are you sure you're okay? I know you said you were but you really haven't been acting like yourself tonight and..."

Steve again wouldn't be able to say what came after the 'and' because before he had time to process what he was doing, he was fairly sure he wouldn't have done it had he properly processed it first, he kissed Jesse preventing anymore words.


*The Next Morning*

Later Steve couldn't say how they ended up in bed, or exactly what happened when they got there, he was sure that most of his brain cells had been fried however, because that would explain his inability to remember, since he hadn't hit his head or been drunk... at least he didn't think he'd hit his head.

Steve was very aware of the feel of a warm body pressed against him and very aware of who exactly the body belonged to, but how they'd gotten there or how the body would react when conscious remained to be seen.

The smaller frame beside him stretched idly and Steve waited holding his breath for the inevitable yelp that would precede his friend from running screaming from the bed, room and lastly house... possibly even the whole city.

Instead, Steve felt the light press of lips against his skin, the rough scrape of stubble and slightest nip of teeth before he heard the murmur of his name vibrating against him as Jesse snuggled in closer.

"Jess?" Steve said, the words sounding more like a breath than any actual attempt to speak.

"Hmm... what?" Jesse asked sleepily.

"Are you okay?"

"Uh huh, you?" Jesse murmured.

"Yeah, just a little..."

"Surprised, shocked, flabbergasted? Stand in line buddy I think I have the corner on all of the above." Jesse said chuckling to himself. Steve could feel Jesse' chest rumbling against his side.

"Yeah. I guess... I..."

"Stop over analyzing it." Jesse instructed.

"How can you be so calm about this we... we..."

"Didn't do anything we haven't both done before." Jesse said.

"But not together!"

Jesse laughed and kept laughing until Steve was sure he was going to choke himself to death. "Sor... oh god sorry, just... hehehe... I..."

Jesse finally managed to calm himself but he was still letting out the odd snigger as Steve glared at the top of his head since Jesse had his face buried against Steve's chest.

"I can't believe you think this is funny." Steve grouched.

"Oh like you don't. There have been rumors about us for weeks; you can't not have heard them." Jesse said.

"I... well I did but not until last night and... I thought you were straight."

"As straight as a squiggly line." Jesse said finally looking Steve in the face a perfectly serious expression.


Jesse grinned and jumped on Steve before he could finish forming whatever thought he was having. The young doctor kissed with a the same bubbly passion and enthusiasm he gave to everything, Steve certainly couldn't fault his technique of course Steve couldn't much think at all past 'good, so good' when Jesse was depriving him of oxygen and all his blood was headed south.

"I wasn't sure about you actually, until last night." Jesse said when he finally let Steve breath again. "Kinda suspected but it wasn't like I could ask."

"You suspected... you... your going to kill me aren't you? That’s your plan." Steve groaned when Jesse started to nibble at his jaw.

"Not for a long time. I hope, I mean if you are okay with that maybe you were just looking to scratch and itch last night and..."

What came after 'and' he never knew because Steve pulled Jesse back into another kiss, after which it didn't really seem to matter anymore.

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