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Steve watched Jesse smiling softly; he was sleeping, lounging on one of the recliners on the balcony, his blond hair flopping haphazardly over his face. It had been a hell of a scare, when Jesse got sick, for a while, Steve was convinced he was going to loose him.

"You going to stare at me all day?" Jesse' voice startled him, making him jump and flush with embarrassment.

"I was... lost in thought," Steve said.

"No, you were staring," Jesse said, smiling with amusement.

"Maybe just a little. I'm just relieved you're okay," Steve said, sitting down on the chair next to Jesse.

"Yeah, me too, I'd hate to have to haunt you just to get you to admit you have feelings for me," Jesse said, not looking away, or blushing, or any of the other things Steve might have imagined Jesse would do in a situation like this, while Steve himself got very intimately interested in the floor, his face feeling like it was on fire.

"How did you..." Steve stumbled over the words, mentally cursing himself.

"You didn't leave my side at all while I was sick... besides I talked to Mark," Jesse said.

"What, he promised me he wouldn't say anything!" Steve said.

"He didn't. I asked him a question, told him, just to tell me if I was wrong, he didn't say anything so I knew I wasn't wrong," Jesse said.

Steve nodded, appeased. "But..."

"Steve... I almost died... again... its becoming way too much of a habit and one of these days my luck is going to run out. I'm tired of waiting for the right time, there isn't one... I love you and I'm pretty sure you feel the same. If I'm wrong, if it's just... if I'm wrong I'll leave it alone, I'll even leave community general if that's what you want, but I'm not going to just *wait* anymore," Jesse said his chin held stubbornly as he looked Steve right in the eyes, almost daring him to say no, to say he didn't love Jesse the same way Jesse loved him, but Steve couldn't do it, couldn't do anything except nod and groan softly when Jesse finally leaned in and kissed him.

It wasn't anything special and Steve was sure they'd both had better, but it was real and slightly scary and it felt like maybe the most honest kiss Steve had ever experienced.

"Well I'm glad that's settled... would either of you like some iced tea?" Mark Sloan's voice startled them and they jumped apart like teenagers caught necking.



"What?" Mark looked at them, all big eyes and innocence until they both burst out laughing, relief just settling over all of them, as Jesse moved to let Steve behind him, snuggling back into the other mans arms like he had been there all his life... if Steve had any say in it, he'd be there for the rest of it.

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