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Steve Sloan charged through the beach house he shared with his father like a bear with a sore head, completely ignoring his father, and his best friend sitting in the living room.

"Steve..." he vaguely heard his fathers voice, but he ignored it storming into his room, the door slamming heavily behind him.

"I'll be right back Jesse..." Mark went to get up.

"I'll go Mark," Jesse said, stopping the older man in his steps.

Mark nodded, letting the younger man go, perhaps he had more hope of figuring out what was annoying Steve anyway, his son had become very distant towards him lately.


**Knock, Knock**

"Go Way!" the harsh words came through the door, along with the sound of something thumbing of the wall, probably Steve's fist.

Had Jesse been a wiser man he would have done as Steve said, but instead he took his life in his hands and opened the door and peaked his head around it to find Steve standing in front of the window, his shoulders hunched, fists clenched at his sides.

"Steve?" Jesse asked, his voice low, as he walked slowly towards Steve.

"I thought I told you to go away," Steve ground out.

"I was never good at following orders," Jesse said, smiling a little.

"Just get out Jesse," Steve said.

"Not until you tell me what's up," Jesse said, moving until he was right behind the bigger man.

Steve didn't move for a moment, or speak, which is why it shocked Jesse so much when the older man spun around knocking Jesse to the ground with the force of his moments.

"Fuck!" Steve cursed, his eyes focusing on the fallen form of Jesse. "I'm Sorry Jess," Steve said, reaching his hand down to help his friend up, the tension in his body still thrumming, as he helped the young man up.

"Talk to me Steve, please. I'm worried about you." Jesse said, his hand still clasped in Steve's.

"I... an old friend of mine, he's a cop, was a cop in New York, he got shot," Steve said, his shoulders shaking.

"God Steve, I am so sorry," Jesse said, grabbing Steve into a hug pulling the older man down onto the bed.

"He was a close friend I take it," Jesse half asked.

"I... he... we... God I... Jesse we, me and him, we weren't... just friends," Steve said, pulling away from the younger man and jumping up to pace as he explained.

"I'm Bi-sexual Jesse, I always have been, mostly it wasn't a issue, with being in the army, and then the police force I tended to stick to women, but with Ray, he was, he was an amazing guy, and he was like me, it happened. I don't regret being with him, I loved him, but he moved to New York, we kept in touch, but I haven't seen him in years." Steve stopped, pacing, looking at Jesse for any kind of reaction.

"Jesse, Please, I don’t want this to change anything between us, you’re my best friend Jesse." Steve said, his eyes pleading with Jesse to accept this.

"Steve I have to ask you a question, and I need a completely honest answer." Jesse told him.

"Of course," Steve nodded.

"Did you ever... think of me like that?" Jesse asked.

Steve sucked in his breath, he didn't want to lie, but he was scared of telling him the truth.

"Jesse... I thought about it, I... I still do, but I would never act on it, I swear to you Jess, your friendship is what's important to me, I would never...umpf" Steve was stopped mid sentence when Jesse suddenly jumped up, pulling him into a deep, passion filled kiss.

"Act Steve, definitely act," Jesse panted, pulling back just a little, groaning as Steve took the hint, pulling him ever closer re-igniting their kiss.


Mark was worried, Jesse had been in there for over an hour, and although there had been a few shouts, everything had been quiet for almost half an hour.

Slowly walking towards his son's room, he opened the door as quietly as possible, peaking his head around, surprised at the site that greeted him.

Steve and Jesse were in the bed, wrapped around in each under the light top sheet, and from what Mark could see, not wearing much.

Mark smiled, not at all embarrassed. It seemed whatever was bothering Steve, Jesse had found a way to deal with it and he couldn't be happier about it.

"Goodnight boys," he whispered into the room, closing the door gently behind him, leaving the two alone in slumber.

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